Brush Pickup

April 22nd – April 26th
October 14th – October 18th


For the purpose of this procedure, brush is defined as cut or broken tree branches, no more than 4” in diameter and 10′ in length, and generated by residents at the location where the brush is situated for pick up. Such brush will normally be generated as a result of wind damage and/or normal tree upkeep and is not designed as a mechanism for tree removal or major tree trimming. Brush does not include grass clippings, annual/perennial flowers, garden waste and small trimmings from shrubs/hedges, leaves, stumps, roots, weeds, vines, flowers, wire, or other foreign materials.


Brush placed curbside shall be placed on the right-of-way in such a manner as not to impede pedestrian traffic on any sidewalk; access to any mailbox or in such as manner as to block any driveway or protrude onto the roadway.

Brush should be placed in such a manner that all branches face the same direction and any brush pile shall not exceed five feet in height.

At the discretion of the Street Department Supervisor or the Village Administrator, material placed curbside contrary to this procedure will not be picked up by Village employees.