Haskins Village is a statutory form of government as regulated by the Ohio Revised Code

Village council is composed of six members elected at large, for overlapping four-year terms. Each council member shall have been a resident of the village for one year prior to this election and shall hold no other public office, nor have any interest in any contract with the municipality, nor be an employee of the municipality. This council is the legislative authority of the village and is authorized to adopt ordinances for the exercise of police powers, provided such ordinances are not in conflict with general laws. The council must elect, from its own members, a president pro-tempore who serves for a one-year term. The president pro-tempore is acting mayor when the mayor is absent and becomes the mayor if the office becomes vacant. The president may vote on issues that come before the council while he is presiding in the absence of the mayor.

Village Elected Officials and Their Terms of Office

Brad Heft
Office Phone: (419) 823-1911

Lisa Heft
Clerk / Treasurer
Office Phone: (419) 823-1911
(Term Expires 03/01/2016)

Council Members

Phil Tipton
President Pro Tempore

Helen Bonnough

Julie Snyder

Nancy Perry

One Seat Vacant

Sue Cano