Q. What do I do if I have an after-hours emergency such as a power outage?
If you have an utilities emergency, outside of our regular business hours, you may call our office at (419) 823-1911. During or after the initial greeting message, simply press 8. After the message you may leave a detailed explanation of your problem and the best way to contact you. Your information will be automatically forwarded by our voice mail system to our Village Administrator. Contact will be made with you as soon as possible. If the message advises you that we are already aware of an outage, there is no need to leave a message.

Q. Can I get an extension on paying my electric bill?
We have a policy that addresses hardship extension requests. Residents are limited to the number of requests they can make and all extension request must be received in writing. We will not grant extension requests over the phone. You must make arrangements to meet with the Utility Clerk regarding your requests.

Q. Can I get a credit on my sewer bill if I fill up my swimming pool?
Since the use of water is no longer affixed to your sewer rates, there is no need for the issuance of credits when filling swimming pools.

Town Hall

Q. What are the hours that Town Hall is open?
Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am (closed for an hour lunch at Noon) and from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. We are closed for the observance of most holidays. After hours, voice mail is available.

Q. What if I have a complaint about a Village Employee?
Our administration and employees take pride in being able to serve our residents and every effort is made to provide such service in a reliable and professional manner. In the event you have a concern related to the conduct of any of our employees please direct that concern to our Chief of Police / Village Administrator.

Streets & Parks

Q. Who is responsible for trimming trees in the public right-of-way?
The Haskins Village Council passed an Ordinance related to trees within the right-of-way.

Police Department

Q. Can I ride my Electric Scooter in town?
Village Council passed an Electric Scooter Ordinance. Please visit our ordinance page.

Q. How do I contact the Police Department?
For non-emergency matters, you may contact the Police Department at (419) 823-1130. Voice mail is available in the event officers are not able to take you call. You may contact our dispatchers at the Wood County Sheriff’s Office by calling (419) 354-9001. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.


Q. How do I find about zoning questions?
Our zoning inspector is Ed Jacobs. He can be contacted at the Town Hall (419) 823-1911 during business hours or after hours at Extension 709 (Voice Mail).

Q. What are the restrictions about parking my camper in my yard?
Our Zoning Code (601.9) states that no recreational vehicle, such as ATV’s, racing vehicles, campers, boats, boat trailers and utility trailers shall not be parked or stored in the minimum front yard of any “S” or “R” district, except when loading or unloading for a temporary period not to exceed 24 hours.

Q. I thought my sub-division had restrictions on certain things?
Often times, we receive questions regarding certain activity in our new subdivisions (i.e. parking; fences etc). Such activity, if not covered by our zoning codes, may indeed be addressed in the deed restrictions for that particular sub-division. Such restrictions are not enforced by the village (or Police Department). You will need to contact the developer in order to obtain assistance correcting those issues.

Q. What are the requirements for my fence?
We often receive questions regarding the installation of fences within the Village. Download our Fence FAQ

This information handout is intended to provide you with guidelines which may be used for fence installation.

Q. What are the installation requirements for my fence?

The installation of fences and planting screens are governed by Section 904 of the Haskins Zoning Ordinance. This section sets forth the following:

  • Fences, plant materials and similar screening devices are permitted in any “S” or “R” district to a maximum height of 42 inches in any front yard and to a maximum height of 6 feet in any side or rear yard.

  • Chain link fences are prohibited in any front yard.

  • All fence material must be maintained in good condition and without any advertising thereon.

  • Fences shall be constructed of materials compatible with surrounding residential dwellings and of material that is uniform throughout the line of the fence.

  • Fences, plant materials and similar screening devices are measured from adjacent grade.

  • Barbed wire and electric fences are prohibited.

Please be aware that Section 508 restricts fences from being installed on any corner lot within 30 feet of the “corner” at a height greater than 2 1/2 feet above curb or street grade, or so as to interfere with traffic visibility across the corner.

Q. Do I need a Zoning Permit for the installation of residential fence? 
The installation of a residential fence does require a zoning permit. If you live in an established subdivsion, you may need to comply with applicable deed restrictions regarding the installation of fences. Please contact our zoning inspector.

Q. Where can I install my fence?
 There are no specific setbacks for the installation of your fence however the Village maintains utility easements on many property lines. The easements allow us to access our utilities. If you install your fence on any easement and the Village or other utility needs access to the utilities, you will be required to remove your fence in order to permit access. It is recommended that you give the placement of your fence careful consideration.

Q. Who do I call before I dig?
Ohio law requires that you contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at least 48 hours before you dig. OUPS can be reached at 1-800-362-2764.

Q. Where can I place my real estate sign?
The Zoning Ordinance allows the display of a real estate sign on the property which is being offered for sale. The posting of signs at other locations is prohibited.